Pamputtae Says No Need For The Drama, All This Beef Won’t Benefit Dancehall 

No Pandemic Stopping Pamputtae: Deejay Delivers School Supplies Through  'Single Mother Foundation' – DancehallMagRecording artiste Pamputtae, who on the weekend joined Spice on Instagram Live to speak about past incidents involving her and gospel artiste Minister Marion Hall, is now urging fellow female entertainers to stay clear of conflict.

Hall, who as Lady Saw was known for her raunchy singles and performances, has taken Spice, Shenseea and other current dancehall acts to task over their music and conduct. This has sparked widespread debate and responses to Hall from some entertainers including Spice and Macka Diamond. But Pamputtae told THE STAR in an interview that she is taking no sides and opined that the controversy is not worth it for the entertainers.

The Heart Clean entertainer said “There is no need for drama…nuh need fi none ah we fight fi nutten at all. Music is a mission for me, not a competition and you have to stay focused because sometimes is a colleague, the next time is the audience criticising, and if yuh nuh strong enough, one comment can mash up yuh whole day.”

Known for singles including the Nicki Minaj endorsed track Advertisement, Pamputtae has been working non-stop her entire career to make her mark on the international dancehall scene and expressed that her hard work is not received without criticism.

Pamputtae Offers Inspiration To Single Mothers - YouTube“Ah nuff time me get dem and me just haffi remind myself say as a celebrity or public figure, people ah guh find every opportunity to come at yuh and some of di people that come at yuh, dem ah nobody,” she said.

Pamputtae, whose given name is Eveana Henry, expressed joy that her hard work and years of avoiding conflict are paying off as she prepares to release her single Divas Anthem on February 5. It was also announced that the track, which was created for Indie Record Label LHDT Productions, and produced by Esco Da Shocker, will be the new theme song for the popular dancehall reality series Dancehall Divas, streamed on Tubi, a division of Fox Corporation.

Still mi sista! Pamputtae is standing by her friend, Spice | BuzzShe said “Who nuh waan be queen, waan be princess but at the end of the day we are all divas because a work we ah work fi what we want. I am a diva without the drama because who a diva is, is a female version of a hustler, so that’s where the concept of the Divas Anthem comes from.”

Pamputtae said that though the song was written about a month ago, “with all weh ah gwaan, it is very relevant now”.

“We as women who are making a mark in dancehall and the global music industry don’t need the drama to propel us…me ah repeat this, we just need fi stay focused,” she added.

Source: ‘No need for drama’, says Pamputtae – Entertainer says current debate won’t benefit ladies of dancehall | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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