Minister Marion Hall Resumes Ministry On YouTube

Minister Marion Hall ministering on Onstage 2018 - YouTubeMinister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, has resumed her ministry on YouTube with a prayer and fasting service.

This came after she revealed last Tuesday that she would “walk away from my calling” and discontinue preaching on social media.

Hall clarified her post during the service.

“What I meant was, you see Instagram, Facebook, for years since I start to preach it has been a mess, but it get more so like a year ago,” she explained. “Then recently, I start seeing some people, as I said, popping up, and I know there was gonna be trouble … . I will never turn my back on God, not after all that He has done for me. I just can’t bother with the set-up.”

She later added, “In the name of Jesus Christ, they gotta subscribe now to see me. You know, a lot of people making money from us by bringing our name; it’s like they don’t have any content. What God was about to do for me, the spirit of sabotage turn up.”

Minister Marion Hall - I'm Gonna Fast (Right Man) Live - YouTubeHall, who usually has a Sunday service as well, said her manager changed her Facebook password so she could steer clear of social media.

She also used the service to speak about her St Ann property being sold to recover $3 million in damages for a 68-year-old woman who was bitten by her dogs in 2009.

Hall said she was in America at the time undergoing in vitro fertilisation treatment to conceive a child, and that the woman was hired by her sister to do “a day’s work”.

Lady Saw Returns To Dancehall: 7 Takeaways From Minister Marion Hall's  Latest Sermon – DancehallMag“She said she locked the dogs up when the lady came,” Hall started. “She said while the lady was there washing, there was a puppy out, but what they normally do is wash at the back on the first floor … .They would then tell whoever is in the house that is ready, to drive them back down the hill, that they’re ready. So, she said the lady said, ‘Sister, mi ready’. She said, ‘Okay, coming.’ So, she went outside, let out the dog because there was no one there.”

Contrary to reports, she said that she only had one dog and a puppy.

“My sister went out, and she let the dogs out, but then, apparently, the lady wash her undertights, so she took a broomstick, and she went out with the broomstick to get her undertights. That’s when Sister already let out the dogs. She shouldn’t go back out there; she should be going upstairs so that Sister would drive her out, but she didn’t tell Sister she was going outside, and she opened the grille back downstairs, and she went out, and Sister heard her crying out and run down there.”

Hall said her sister took her to the doctor and paid her bills and helped her with other expenses, as a result of her not being able to work. Hall claimed greed entered the picture when the woman’s son asked for a car, which was not granted. Shortly after, she was hit with a lawsuit and a story that the woman was her long-time helper.

Interview: Lady Saw | United Reggae“I didn’t get to go to defend myself, so they said I should give her a million dollars. At the time, that was too much, and the thing that I needed out of it was to clear my name. I said, okay, get her back in court, put her on the stand, ask her how does my bathroom look? How does my room look? What colour is my room? Because she never come up there to me.”

In the end, Hall was ordered to sell the property for no less than $75 million, but said she had no qualms about it as she had been trying to sell the residence for many years.

Moving forward, Hall is focused on delivering God’s word and said she is also working on a documentary.

Source: Minister Marion Hall resumes ministry | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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