Marion Hall Announced That She Is Walking Away From Her Calling ‘Lord Forgive Me’

Marion Hall's Bombshell Announcement Rocks Dancehall: "I'm Walking Away  From The Ministry" – DancehallMagMinister Marion Hall the dancehall icon-turned Christian has announced that she is walking away from her calling.

Hall, known in the dancehall space as Lady Saw, made the announcement on Instagram Tuesday and started trending almost instantly.

“May the Lord forgive me,” she wrote.

Hall also conceded that her detractors, both Christians and non-Christians had won.

“Congratulations on your mission to take me down. You’ve successfully done so and I’ve decided to walk away from my calling and will no longer be doing any preaching on social media,” she said.

Lord forgive me'... Minister Marion Hall walking away from calling |  Entertainment | Jamaica GleanerDancehall producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell is supporting Hall.

“Lady Saw is a dancehall icon and deserves to be celebrated on the biggest platform for our music. She’s got so much more to offer,” Burrell posted on Instagram.

“We welcome her with open arms to deliver whatever song she wishes to perform because she’s great at any and everything she does on the stage.”

Source: ‘Lord forgive me’… Minister Marion Hall walking away from calling | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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