Entertainment Remains In Lockdown For Jamaica, But It Will All Change By Month End

Destination KingstonThe entertainment sector has again been overlooked for reopening by the Government, but this could change when Prime Minister Andrew Holness announces new COVID-19 containment measures in two weeks.

‘Bro Gad’, as the prime minister is called, on Thursday announced a lifting on the attendance limits for churches and a change in the start of the nightly curfew. He also said that “In two weeks, we will undertake a further review of the measures and consider a further widening of the guard rails”.

There has been heightened expectation within the entertainment sector that the gates would soon be flung open to allow for partying once more. Reggae Sumfest has already announced that the festival will be staged July 20-23 in Montego Bay, St James.

No permits for Christmas! - Police to restrict party events in high-crime  areas for holiday season | Lead Stories | Jamaica GleanerJamaica’s entertainment sector has been in lockdown since last August after the Government pulled the plug on the sector, which was brought back on stream one month earlier. At the time of the ban, the Government was seeking to slow the spread of COVID-19, which is threatening to overwhelm the country’s health sector.

On Thursday, Holness said that the science and the data clearly support a “widening of the guard rails to allow more economic activity”. He said that the figures indicate that there has been a rapid improvement in the COVID-19 situation since the peak of the fourth wave in January.

All set for MugsHolness said that his administration, through the measures announced, is engaged in a “a gradual and controlled process of getting our economy back to full productive capacity”.

He promised that his Government will conduct further analysis of COVID data, adding that “We will continue this process to give all Jamaicans the opportunity to earn their livelihoods while protecting their health.”

Source: Entertainment remains in lockdown – But good news could come before month’s end | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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