Christopher Ellis New Single ‘Rub A Dub’, Will It Trend In The Scene

Christopher Ellis – Only Want You Naked – East Portland BlogON A mission to preserve ‘One Drop’ reggae Christopher Ellis is imploring DJ’s that love the music to mix things up a bit.

Ellis, the soulful reggae crooner affectionately referred to as the singing wizard, returns with a new single “Rub A Dub”, a nostalgic track tinged with memories of the golden lover’s rock era.

Speaking to the Voice Ellis admitted that there was a message in the music for those who needed to hear it.

“I’m just very passionate about this sound,” Ellis enthused.

“I am very passionate about one drop Reggae music, I love Reggae music altogether, all aspects of the music, rocksteady, Dancehall, Ska all of it.

Christopher Ellis, Mr. Vegas, Rahzel x The Roots At The Holiday Jam“But the one-drop sound is very precious to me, and I suppose subconsciously, I am writing in hopes of preserving it and hoping that everyone preserves it like I intend to.”

The single was produced by Damian “Jr Gong” Marley who created a stellar classic riddim and an eerily sharp, but smooth, melodic arrangement.

The track manages to feel like a lover’s rock artist straight out of the 70s, recorded a hit song here in 2022, where the contemporary musical technology adds not just to the quality but the overall clarity.

While it maintains the warmth that analogue music is popular for, it also possesses the uncanny details of the sonic landscape that only a contemporary setup could achieve.

Christopher Ellis - Still Go A Dance (Live) | Big Yard | 1Xtra Jamaica 2020  - YouTubeEllis adds his top-notch vocals to Marley’s production, which are reminiscent of his father, Alton Ellis, one of Jamaica’s Godfathers of the powerful genre rocksteady, which dominated the 60s.

Alton was one of Jamaica’s premier crooners that brought classics like “Still in Love with You”.

Christopher is carrying his father’s torch with high-level vocal creativity into this new era, and “Rub A Dub” is just the beginning.

Christopher Ellis (<a href=@ellismuzicchild) / Twitter" data-noaft="1" />With hits “Better Than Love”, “Here We Are”, and “Still Go a Dance”, Ellis keeps the rich culture of lover’s rock, rhythm, and blues, vibrant. He is on his way to creating a solid discography that might have the potential to rival even his father’s legacy.

His music takes listeners far beyond just a good jam, he also uses his platform to engage them in a deeper examination of how music is played in the present compared to the golden era, along with how people enjoyed music then compared to now.

Available today, via Ghetto Youths International “Rub A Dub” is streaming on all major platforms

Source: Christopher Ellis loves his music in a ‘Rub A Dub’ style – Voice Online

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