What’s The Story With Drake Leaving Out Popcaan Off ‘Certified Lover Boy’

Drake Show Off His Popcaan Painting At His $100 Million Mansion - Urban  IslandzDancehall fans erupted late last night after Drake dropped Certified Lover Boy and there was no Popcaan coll on the project.

Drake not including Popcaan on his major projects is nothing new, but this one saw a star-studded guest list and considering that he erected Billboards announcing the feature list, but none was in Kingston. Certified Lover Boy, much to his mother’s and fans’ delight, was released on September 3rd and has made its way to being another noteworthy album that has been released in the summer of 2021.

However, many don’t feel full congratulations are in order and have spoken out on the bitterness that might be leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the Unruly Boss.

On Certified Lover Boy, Drake had hinted that he would collaborate with the Unruly Boss, but dancehall star was left off the album. The online correspondence between the two showed that all was well with even Popcaan telling the star to, “drop the b*mbocl***t album already” on August 19th in a video of himself singing Drake’s single, “The Language” on his Instagram Stories.

Drake had reshared the video on his Instagram Story stating, “Unruly family on the road again soon,” and yet it seems traffic has taken over. Alas, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

This is only but the second time that Drake has turned his back on a collaboration with Popcaan. Back in 2016, Popcaan was featured on a leaked version of Drake’s song, “Controlla,” on his album, Views. When the album was later released, Popcaan was nowhere to be seen.

One fan in 2016 commented, “drake take popcaan fi’ poppy show.”

Fans hold similar sentiments now as even though it seems Drake respects the star, these dual incidents reveal an ugly truth.

“Bwoy if some man nuh deh pon drake album this time, dem better give back ee range & do song wid Queenie,” said one fan, alluding to Popcaan’s incident with Queenie. Another fan said, in response, “Tho it’s jokes. I been a say Popcaan need fi leave OVO and sign with a bigger label.”

As fans thoroughly searched the album, they were disappointed yet again to see no sight of Popcaan’s feature debut. To that one, the user noted, “popcaan nuh get nuh clb feature? Damn smh.”

Popcaan & Drake Drop 2 New Songs, 'All I Need' and 'Twist & Turn' Ft.  PARTYNEXTDOOR | HipHop-N-MorePopcaan, in 2019, was signed to OVO sound label. Drizzy took to Instagram to post himself and the star to commemorate their partnership, and thus many fans had high hopes that the two musicians would have made many star-studded collabs that knocked all their fans out of their seats, but the only moves that have been made are Drake’s features in the singles, “TWIST & TURN” and “ALL I NEED” on Popcaan’s mixtape, Fixtape.

Fans had even thought there was beef between the pair, but it was clarified when Popcaan tweeted a screenshot of his recent conversation with Drake with the caption, “Loyalty is priceless you can’t run a deposit for some!! Them pray fi the link mash up (laughing emojis) #ovo #unruly a the same thing.”

Nevertheless, Drizzy and Poppy remains close friends despite some chatters about some of the lines from the Toronto rapper on the album.

Source: Dancehall Fans Reacts To Drake Leaving Popcaan Off ‘Certified Lover Boy’ – Urban Islandz

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