Razor B Says The Lock-down Cancelled Summer Holidays, His Latest Single Will Extend The Summer ‘Good Time’

Dancehall Artiste Razor B Defends Nose Ring, Give Fans Advice - The TropixsDancehall hit maker Razor B says lockdowns imposed by the government of Jamaica effectively cancelled summer holidays.

However, Razor B is capturing the feel good vibe of the season, and extending summer with his new single and video called Good Time.

The track, produced by Zeggae of Sweat Boxx Productions, hails the arrival of summer and the fun that is usually associated with the season.

“Lockdowns and no movement seemed to cancel the summer in Jamaica but Jamaicans know how to have a good time all year round so we are extending the summer with this song,’ Razor B explained.

Razor B clears up 'Bruk Back' dispute with Konshens + viral video of young  boy wining to 'Bruk Back' - YouTubeThe infectious beat and up-tempo vocals propel the Good Time track even further and should become an anthem for anyone who wants to enjoy themselves especially during the Corona virus pandemic.

“People need songs like this to help them de-stress from all that we have been going through for almost two years. Now it’s time to have a good time!” Razor B added

Razor B Says Spicy Convo With Wife Led To 'Pepper Sauce' Single –  DancehallMagThe official visuals have also been released officially online, sponsored by Double Seven Energy Drink and shot at popular event Sandz and Wickie Wackie Beach in Bull Bay.

The project was directed by Chris Byrd for APS Columbian films and shares the song’s light fun sentiment.

Source: Razor B declares extension of summer with Good Time single | Buzz

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