Another Collaboration For Shenseea, This Time With Lourdiz For ‘Get Along’

Shenseea Recruited By Lourdiz For New Song 'Get Along': Listen –  DancehallMagDancehall star Shenseea appeared in a new single, Get Along with LA-based teen singer/songwriter Lourdiz which was released today. The track surfs on a mellow Pop rhythm with some soulful vibrations from Lourdiz, fused with the distinguishable Dancehall flares from the Jamaican singer. Together the two artists relay the despair and insecurities felt when a good thing goes bad.

Lourdiz starts out spurring imaginations of a temperamental love affair, “When the sun rise another fight starts, guess we are who we are, we used to be close now what broke us apart.” And quickly obsesses with her suspicions, “I been thinking you got someone else, I been thinking maybe I should too, used to feel like heaven now we go through hell”….”Why can’t we get along get along get along…”

Singer Shenseea Shares Why She Stopped Trying to "Be the Next Rihanna" - E!  OnlineShenseea is more assertive with her distress, “Me want go back to how we was before. Fight less and f–k little more!” But she’s sure of what she wants, “Pride weh mi have hard fi fight. All wen it deh ya a tear me up inside, nuh want give up, cause I want you.”

This may be the first Dancehall collab for fast-rising star Lourdiz but she couldn’t have picked a better partner. So far the fans are loving the unification of cultures.

“This is fireeeee, love the variety of both culture and voices !!!! #” said one fan. Others added, “Two queens  love y’all ,” and “Dancehall queen shenseea is on it too I love shenseea.”

Upon debuting her first single in 2020, the teen American pop singer-songwriter has been exploring her own artistry and switching things up. Already she has collaborated with a diverse list of artists from all corners of the globe including Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z on the song Ground Control, Saweetie on Back Seat, and Lil Gotit on Suicide Down.

Niji Magazine | Meet up-and-coming artist LourdizThe Shenyeng princess too has been exploring outside of her genre by recently appearing on two singles with American rapper Kanye West; Ok Ok Part 2 that also features Rooga and Pure Souls with Roddy Ricch, and one with stablemate Belly; How I’m Feelin.

Press play on Lourdiz x Shenseea’s Get Along above.

Source: Shenseea Recruited By Lourdiz For New Song ‘Get Along’: Listen – DancehallMag

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