Shenseea Reveals That She Too Was Once A”Side Chick”, Which Inspired Her Song

Shenseea Cash Out On Acres Of Land In Jamaica: "Feels good to stand on what I own" - Urban IslandzDancehall artiste Shenseea was once somebody’s ‘side chick’. The ‘ShengYeng Boss’ made the revelation in an interview with Yulissa Delgado on Taste Radio1 talk show, Transparent.

But Shenseea made it clear that she doesn’t “stand” for this kind of relationship. However, she found herself in such a circumstance, and it later served as inspiration for her hit song.

“I mean I found myself in this situation I need to put it out there,” she said.

She continued; “I don’t stand for stuff like that, I mean there is nothing wrong with you know women who choose that for themselves but it’s just not my type of thing and because I fell into that situation, I thought that I know a lot of women must be going through this so what’s going to stop me from talking about it.”

The Side Chick is one of Shenseea’s biggest hits to date, accumulating more than 20 million views on YouTube.

Shenseea Reveals New Album On The Way – DancehallMag - THE TALENT IN YOUAnd as she prepares to release her debut album, which is positioned as her breakthrough into the mainstream international market, Shenseea says she has no indication of slowing down.

“I do have passion for what I do, I’ve wanted this ever since I was a kid, and to know that I have my son and he supports me; the only person who can stop me right now apart from myself is God,” she said.

Source: Shenseea says ‘The Sidechick Song’ was inspired by true story | Buzz

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