Shaggy Credits Queen Of Dancehall Spice, As Being “On A Path Of Greatness”

Watch: Spice, Sean Paul & Shaggy On Good Morning America – DancehallMagIn the aftermath of the official release of Spice’s 10 album, Dancehall megastar Shaggy, has predicted that some of the songs on the 15-track production for which he served as executive Producer, were going to be classics. In addition, Shaggy has said Spice was on her way to greatness, as her album was standing tall amongst those put out by a galaxy of stars, who had released albums around the same time as her.

“You are on the right path,” he said of Spice in a video he posted on her birthday on Friday.  “You did it again too because it is a very tough release date, not because a yuh birthday, but it is also a release date where a lot of heavyweights came out from the weekend… that were on huge labels with a lot of leverage and money and power behind them and you somehow seem to shine.”

“That shows you your star power and just shows that you always know how to keep yourself relevant and ready and that’ what makes you a true star,” he added.

Shaggy, Sean Paul and Spice perform 'Go Down Deh' Video - ABC NewsThe woman of the moment, Spice, also made it clear to the former US Marine that she would go to war with anyone who had the temerity to trample on his rights, as she declared over and over that he was her hero.

She stated her position after Shaggy posted a photograph of the initial planning meeting for the album between himself, Spice, and VP Records representatives.

“Started from this one meeting in my studio with #VPrecords …. To dominating and breaking down barriers, none of this is possible without the artistry, work ethics and intuition of @spiceofficial we facilitate!! The artist brings the art!!! Congratulations again Spice!! Living up to the title #queenofthedancehall,” Shaggy wrote.

In response the Cool It artist noted: “MY hero  Thanks again for making this dream a reality. Love you infinity.  Any body step on your smallest toe I’m fighting ”.

President of Solid Agency, Sharon Burke, who has long been hailed by the Queen of Dancehall as the “Dancehall Mother”, also lauded Shaggy for his indelible role in bringing her long-awaited maiden album to fruition.

On Saturday, a day following the album’s release, Burke took to Instagram to congratulate both artists for toiling over the last several months to complete the 15-track album, and hailed Shaggy for his versatility and adaptability.

“Congratulations @direalshaggy.  The hard work day and night that you are doing is surely paying off.  You are the most all round person in Jamaican Music I have seen. You have done it all. Artiste, Executive produce. Produce. writing Publishing. Marketing; know all about the Dsps,” Burke wrote of the Boombastic artiste.

Spice, Shaggy Continue US Appearances On The Breakfast Club | RJR News -  Jamaican News Online“I am now sure that is why you can do it easily and always win over and over.  I have seen the hypocrites try to use you try to step on you, try to use your brand to get them further.   I just Shake my head!  Don’t let anyone ever take away your shine,” she continued.

Added Burke: “I respect your work ethics.  I am now sure @spiceofficial know that you are the Boss of all bosses…  We got this. Kings only mix with Queens that’s Real. You can’t touch this! Only the strong will survive.”

In response, Shaggy, thanked his long-time friend for her sentiments and expressed his love for her.

“Thank you Sharon … but everybody know seh yuh a mi G already … pitbull in my corner ready fo attack anyone who rise against’ luv u sis,” he replied.

Sharon’s followers also acknowledged Shaggy for his instrumentality in the album coming to fruition.

“Big up u self shaggy. You’re so humble amd down to earth. U did well with the album… We couldn’t be prouder,” shadewallofficial wrote while gilliankblack added: “Always a Team player! Big up Shaggy!!!”

Shaggy had decided to spearhead the production of Spice’s album upon recognising, after she approached him about doing a collab, that despite all the work she had done over the years, she had never released an album.

As Executive Producer for 10, Shaggy performed a series of duties including, among other things, scheduling recording time for her to work in studio to develop her album, as well as to help in the marketing of her songs.  His roles also included supervising the production of the accompanying music videos, keeping the production of the album on track, and helping with building her brand.

Source: Shaggy Says Spice Now ‘On The Right Path To Greatness’ – DancehallMag

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