Spice Reflects On Her Father’s Death, He Would Have Loved To Be In Africa With Her

Spice Enjoys Vacation In Africa Ahead Of August 6th Birthday And Album  Release | yardhype.comSpice is reflecting on her father’s death while on African soil, saying he would’ve loved to be there with her.

As Spice enjoys her time in Zambia to celebrate the Leo season, the dancehall star is reminded that her trip was something her now deceased Rastafarian father had always dreamed of. The Queen of Dancehall took to Instagram to reflect on her father and his dreams of repatriation in a lengthy caption.

Repatriation, which means the return of someone to their home country, is a principal belief for Rastas. Spice has, in the past, been vocal about her life before the fame, her family background, and her humble beginnings. Although she lost her father at a young age, the 38-year-old is still hurt by the loss.

“My father was a Rastafarian who believed In going back to Africa one day,” she began beneath the post of a video and pictures capturing her happiness on the motherland amid some elephants.

Spice Dresses For The Occasion While Feeding Giraffes In Zambia - FlipboardSpice continued, “As a little girl he [her father] use to always say Gracie we going back to the motherland where they took us from. I never understood it until I got older. It pains my heart that he’s not here for me to take him to Africa but here I am living my best life, on a land he dreamt of going.”

The “Black Hypocrisy” singer went on to credit her father for her music journey and success, despite only being in her life for nine years. She wrote, “My Father died when I was only 9 years old but he’s the reason I’m an artist today. He was my biggest inspiration and he use to push me to sing for his friends. Zambia you have a very beautiful Country.”

Spice continued with a heavy, sincere tribute to her father, pouring out her heart and admitting that she is in literal tears as she writes the message.

“I love you Daddy, I miss you so much, May your soul RIP I wrote this in tears, can’t believe you told me I’d be who I am today when I was so young. Anthony Fitzroy Hamilton The greatest man I’ve ever met aka #Polofin #Elephants #Zambia #Africa,” she ended.

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, entered the Dancehall sphere at the age of 18 and has accomplished massive success over the last 20 years, including snatching the title of the Queen of Dancehall by her beloved fans. Her upcoming album TEN, which has been in the making for the last ten years, will be her first, causing the artiste to be very excited and emotional for its pending release.

Spice Reflects On Her Rastafarian Father's Death While In Africa - Urban  Islandz“TEN ALBUM DROPS AUGUST 6th !!” she reminded her fans at the end of the caption. “TEN” is preceded by her 2018 mixtape titled “Captured.”

Fans were quick to remind Spice that her father would be “proud of the mother and woman you are becoming.”

Her Zambian fans have also been loving the intimate insight into all she has been partaking in, such as her visit with giraffes and her risky adventure to a waterfall where she can be seen lying on the cliff’s edge.

Source: Spice Reflects On Her Rastafarian Father’s Death While In Africa – Urban Islandz

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