Tarrus Riley’s Instagram Account Recently Hacked, Now Working To Recover The Account

21 Questions With Tarrus Riley. Reggae singer Tarrus Riley is set to… | by  JR Watkis | MediumReggae star Tarrus Riley, after learning that his Instagram account was recently hacked, has given his fans an update.

Speaking in a video released yesterday, Riley confirmed the hack and that he and his team were in contact with Instagram to ensure that their years of hard work were not lost.

“I need you to know what’s going on, if you look at @taurusrileyja, Instagram Page, it look suspicious like something a gwaan. Well, guess wah? Something a gwaan, and currently we and Instagram is talking to make sure all is not lost,” the Lighter singer said.

“We work hard over the years to make sure that the communication between us and the fans, and wi family and everyone who show wi love, we keep the channel clear. A reason wid you, a share things about mi fada, about mi lifestyle, about mi music,” he added.

VIDEO: Tarrus Riley x Shenseea - "Lighter" | Jay BlessedRiley advised his fans to not unfollow the account while he worked to recover it.  The account, @tarrusrileyja, has almost 800,000 followers.

“Unfortunately, you have some people who like to cause problem, some people a try hack mi page and tief mi page, and wi a try fi stop it, so if you look at mi page, and you see it look weird, you don’t have to unfollow it, something a gwaan and wi a work pan it and wi wah yuh know.”

Riley, who is best known for songs like She’s Royal, Simple Blessings and Just The Way You Are, also issued a PSA to users to ensure their accounts are protected:  “And to everyone who have dem social media ting mek sure yuh doing teh right tings so dis don’t happen to you to.”

Reggae Artist Tarrus Riley's New Album Gives Needed Solace During These  Times - EssenceTarrus Riley is just the latest Jamaican artist to be hacked.  Bounty Killer‘s Instagram was hacked in late November 2019, after a scammer renamed his page and began selling shoes.

In March this year, Bushman lost control of his social media accounts to a Turkish hacker.

Reggae legend Barrington Levy recently blamed Instagram hackers for ‘perverted’ comments sent to Dancehall artist Hoodcelebrityy.

Source: Tarrus Riley’s Instagram Account Hacked – DancehallMag

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