Romeich Has Lots To Say About Backlash Over Shenseea Vs Spice Streaming Stats & Teejay Leaving Romeich Ent

Dancehall and Reggae Fashion designer Romeich MajorRomeich is seemingly reacting to some heat from some dancehall fans over some recent posts on IG and Teejay leaving his camp.

The head of Romeich Entertainment is letting it be known that the recent backlash he has been facing will not break him. The producer has been feeling the heat ever since he made a controversial post that seemingly shaded Spice. The flames have now doubled after it was confirmed that one of his camp’s brightest stars is now moving on to what many are hoping will be greener and greater pastures.

The initial backlash came after Romeich Major shared a tweet from a Shenseea fan that said, “@SHENYENG still hold the record of the female artist to hit 10.2 millions views on blessed in 3 weeks & 10 million views in 9 days with lighter.”

Romeich fueled the statement with his own repost, “In today’s history! Facts not Fiction.”

Fans of Spice quickly jumped to her defense as they clarified Spice’s statement, and many began to accuse Romeich of promoting division. Days later, the businessman is still receiving criticism over the post.

Romeich Breaks Silence On Shenseea Dating Rumors - The TropixsThis morning (June 4), he posted a lengthy statement in response to his critics.

Romeich wrote, “From growing up in Dirt and zinc yard to bricks and high walls, From driving into old car to school to having choices of vehicles, From rocking any clothes you get from family to buying what you want, From eating at home only to having dinner anywhere in world, From working for people to feeding hundreds of people, From a little youth a waltham to Well respected business man from Jamaica.”

He continued, “AND THE LIST GOES ON nothing no one can say or do to BREAK ME I’ve done it all I’ve fight it all I’ve seen violence, hate, fake friends and workers. I’ve seen death in eyes already and I’ve faced ways to go jail and I’ve been in serious car accident already and YOU THINK FOR A SECON I AM GOING TO fear man and mouth!!!Kmt.”

The entrepreneur finished off with, “GOD A MY DON and because of that I’ll continue grow and I’ll continue rise to be and do better have a great weekend my IG FAMILY ALWAYS MEMBER never give up and empty barrels make most noise stay focus and do the right thing.”

Romeich has also faced backlash in recent days over his former artiste Teejay, who has left the Romeich Entertainment camp for Sharon Burke’s Solid Agency.

Romeich posts heartfelt message after losing brotherMeantime, Konshens has waded into the 10 million views saga. In a post celebrating one of his own songs, which features Spice, Konshens said, “YESSS “Pay for it” finally at 10 million!! (its actually one million but most ppl dont read this far into a caption. if u did,Dont tell dem) #konshens #spice #payforit #dancehall”

It doesn’t seem like Konshens is picking sides in the divide but more making fun of the issue of buying views.

Source: Romeich Responds To Backlash Over Shenseea Vs Spice Stats & Teejay Leaving – Urban Islandz

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