Jada Kingdom Fearful Of Being Harmed Because Of Her Popularity

Jada Kingdom News – DancehallMagIf you’re a Jada Kingdom fan, you may want to think twice before surprising her in public.

The Green Dreams artiste recently revealed online that she is fearful of being harmed because of her popularity.

“Being popular is scary bro cause yuh nuh know who know yuh, yuh nuh know who after yuh,” she said. “Yuh nah fi do nobody nothing, dem just nuh waan yuh have it.”

Her fear has been challenged by real experiences of overly-excited fans. Kingdom admitted to being defensive, which she said has resulted in some physical altercations.

“If unno see me in person, please mek some noise from a far so mi can hear and seh ‘Waa gwaan?’”

– Jada Kingdom

“Mi fight two fans already,” she said. “One time me did deh a this Chinese restaurant inna Market Place a eat mi food…Di way how the girl run up pon me mi frighten… One elbow! Mi seh mi nuh know weh she come from… Mi bawl cause the girl seh she only a come over to me for a picture but the way how she run over, like she nuh seh nothing. Mi nuh know how mi elbow reach up deh so fast but mi nuh run dem joke deh.”

Jada Kingdom Reacts To Fat Shaming Comments - The TropixsDespite the unfortunate incident, she did manage to remedy the situation.

“Mi did haffi buy di girl dinner and a sing fi har, hug har up, tell har sorry. Mi explain to her how gangster life work.”

Jada Kingdom says her increasing popularity has made her paranoid.

The second instance happened while she was at an event.

“Mi think a mi assistant behind me a walk a hold on pon me. When mi look, nuh this girl a try rob me, a go inna mi pocket… A gi har it yuh see, one neat slap…”

She said the woman reacted with the “I love you Twinkle” card, but she responded, “Yuh just a try pick mi pocket. You’ll get slapped.”

To prevent any more elbow or slapping reflexes with her fans, Kingdom gave them some advice.

“If unno see me in person, please mek some noise from a far so mi can hear and seh ‘Waa gwaan?’ and mek sure unno have on something tight so mi can see if unno have any weapon pon unno. Mi paranoid bad.”

Source: Jada Kingdom says popularity has made her paranoid | Buzz

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