Spice Drops The Most Powerful 6 Minute Mini Movie Of The Year For Her Song ‘Frenz’

WATCH: Spice - "Frenz" Music VideoSpice has labelled her latest visual effort, the music video for Frenz, a mini movie.

“FRENZ official video is out!! It’s not just a video it’s a mini movie,” she wrote on her Instagram account as a caption as she posted a snippet of the music video.

Spice Releases 'Frenz' Music Video! - Vision NewspaperIn the video, the child version of Spice is shown by her mother, what can happen in life when trust is placed in certain people.

Spice uses a number of scenarios to highlight her message but they all skew to an ending where “so-called friends” do bad things to others. From giving a blunt laced with lizard tail to shooting a friend, the narrative is quite clear.

Spice also uses herself to further emphasize the message, demonstrating that even when people are helped, they will still try and destroy those who have helped them along the way.

Spice Drops Cinematic "Frenz" Video Amid Fallout With Shenseea & Dancers -  Urban IslandzFans have been sharing their views on the video with one calling it a “powerful 6 minute movie”. Another relayed that, “watching this video give me goosebumps” while a third said “this lit asf!!!.

Source: Spice drops ‘Frenz’ mini movie: WATCH | Buzz

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