Fantan Mojah Is “Total Disgrace” To Rasta Says Mutabaruka

Image result for fantan mojah fire kingMutabaruka bashed Fantan Moja’s latest video in a recent radio show when he spoke out about the little idiot man made a video with girls dancing and flaunting themselves over him and he was flaunting himself over them.

He believes the video is not a good representation of what Rastafari represents.

Muta thinks the video is a joke, he revealed that he is on the radio trying to get people to think in a new and conscious way and a man who looks like him is trying to put the people back in a mess.

However, when Fantan Moja was asked how he felt about his work, he said he didn’t care about the negative comments, because he wants the people to enjoy music.

Image result for fantan mojah fire kingHe says he is a versatile artiste and he is doing music for the younger people, he is not doing just one kind of music.

Mojah said he got a lot of calls and he ignored them.

The “Mama Hungry” singer revealed that he took a break from Jamaica and started making music for someone abroad. They accepted him in Surinam and his music does well there.

He didn’t like the way obeah was getting involved in Jamaican music business. He is not throwing away his original style, but he is just doing more styles and expanding his fan base.

Listen more from Muta in the video below.

Check out the music video below.

Source: Fantan Mojah is “Total Disgrace” to Rasta says Mutabaruka

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