Stylo G Exposes A Lady Who Has Been Stalking Him For Three Years

Stylo G - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous BirthdaysUK-based Dancehall artiste Stylo G wants his fans’ help in getting rid of a stalker.

The Oh Lawd deejay has been posting snippets of his conversations with a woman on Instagram whom he claims has been harassing him for three years. In his final attempt to get her off his back, he has tagged the woman’s account and revealed her contact number so his followers can strike back.

“3 years of harassment, over 500 pages blocked, Now I have to change my business line for a RACIST WOMAN I’v turn down years ago,” he said in one of several posts today.

He added in his Instagram Story, “Lord pl help me get rid of this stalker Yelds AKA Yelanda. How can a woman be so obsessed with a man she haven’t met. Now she got my number and address smh. I don’t want u pl leave me alone. I don’t want no trouble this year man. Let me just make music and look after my family… U got the number now. Warning,  gang give her a call.”

The woman, who appears to be Turkish, hasn’t taken kindly to the artiste exposing her contact information and phoned him to request that he remove the posts. Stylo G recorded the call and posted a video clip of the conversation, which again revealed her number. He said it was his son’s idea as “The police won’t believe a black man, here is the evidence.”

Stylo G Still Keeping Fans Interested In His Music – Radio DubplateStylo G is heard telling the woman to desist from stalking him during the call.

“B, stop stalking my Instagram.”

“Would you want your number and your address to go online?” she asked. “You’ve got two minutes to answer.”

“So what do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Delete all your posts now and you get left alone, it’s as simple as that. Do you understand?”

“And I’ll get left alone?”


“You promise me, promise to Instagram, everyone?”

No, promise to you, you’re going to get left alone.”

The clip ends there but the woman didn’t. She reported the matter to the police according to a story post made by the artiste.

“Your finished I’m at the station,” she wrote. “You got 5 mins to delete that an u best hurry the f–k up coz ur account is going too because the police are gna remove u and every Jamaican page is gna post ur call.”

Stylo G reveals his drive to the top: 'I hope he is looking down and  smiling' - Daily StarStylo G was adamant that “I’ll take it down when u stop stalk me mad woman.”

Even the artiste’s son had a message for the woman.

“Stop stalking him, you’re a weirdo… why you stalking people for? Yuh nav a life?”

“Tell her to find a life,” Stylo G instructed.

“Find a life; go to the mail office or something go order it from Amazon.”

“Go and order a man from Amazon,” Stylo G added.

It seems the artiste isn’t the only victim of his alleged stalker, as other social media users have been sharing their experiences in the comments.

Source: Dancehall Star Stylo G Puts Turkish Woman On Blast For Stalking Him For Three Years – DancehallMag

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