Stylo G Being Questioned If The Stalker Behind His Latest Song Real?

Stylo G - Wrong Way • Mp3 DownloadStylo G says his stalker single was inspired by real life events.

Artistes usually share candid stories with their fans to keep them in the loop about what’s going on in their lives. However, when UK-based dancehall artiste Stylo G shared that he had a stalker to his Instagram, many followers dismissed it as merely a publicity stunt. A short while after, he started promoting a single called “Stalker,” which many fans felt confirmed their suspicions. The WEEKEND STAR caught up with Stylo G, who explained to them that the situation he described was indeed very real.

He revealed that the stalker, a woman, had been harassing him for about three years.
“I have never met this woman in my life, never ever, but she send me nudes (on social media) and I turned her down and she took it very personal and has been trolling, making fake pages non-stop,” he revealed. He also said that the woman had made over 500 fake pages and that through persistence, she was somehow able to get his phone number and home address.

Stylo G Shows Off His New Red Range Rover On The 'Gram – DancehallMagHe said the situation is a major cause of concern for him because he lives with his children, and he is worried for their safety because she is sharing his personal information all over the internet. “I am actually very worried and the entire situation just inspired me to do the song,” he continued. He added, “This is my first experience with a stalker and when people get your address and phone number, I think it’s time to put a stop to it and that’s why I took it to social media to let people know this is a serious thing.”

While Stylo G already made the song, he’s still not sure that he will release it as his single “Oh Lawd,” which was produced by Chimney Records, is still getting a lot of attention. He is still thinking about officially releasing it as a single, though.

“Females have experienced it with male stalkers but me as a man being stalked by a female, this one is kinda crazy and so people are reacting to it even more. It’s a song that they love. They are pressuring me to drop this one so yuh never know,” Stylo said.

Source: Stylo G Says A Real Life Situation In Behind His “Stalker” Song – Urban Islandz

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