Kranium Profess His Love For Shaneil Muir, She Says Its Pure Rum Talk

Grateful Shaneil Muir trending again with 'Yamabella' | BuzzKranium has his eyes set on Shaneil Muir.

Kranium went against the very words of his hit song “Nobody Has To Know” nearly a week ago when he confessed his feelings for fellow artiste Shaneil Muir. Popular internet comedian World Dawg then decided to voice his opinion on the matter, hinting that Muir may have been bringing negative energies to the relationship she is currently in by conversing with Kranium on IG LIVE.

It was not her first IG session with the “Through The Window” singer, but this time Kranium decided he would ensure he made his intentions known before he stepped into the new year.

“Because mi reach a point in my life where I know what a bright future look like,” Kranium said. “You haffi get it out, yuh haffi speak yuh mind, you haffi be honest, be bold and upfront wid the thing. From me look pon yuh mi can tell seh dah ting yah nah go normal.”

Muir was a mixture of laugher, smiles, and questions for the duration of the live, questioning Kranium’s decision to make his feelings known via a public forum such as IG LIVE.

“I feel like a real man don’t care about the time and place, him a go get what is his and I’m tryna get what is mine,” said Kranium. “At the end of the day, yaa go end up be mine regardless so might as well you just mek sure seh it work smoothly.”

Kranium then described to Muir that he recently saw her in Kingston but didn’t bother to contact her. Both artistes are permanent residents in the U.S.

“Yuh ever hear di song, ‘My God is an awesome God…?’ Well when mi see yuh that’s the first song weh come to me mind. And the greatest thing about it, 15 years from now people a go say, ‘I witnessed that sh*t, mi never know seh a love can last that long’.”

The “Yamabella” singer was not feeling the move from Kranium and made it known that she was not convinced about his feelings toward her.

Shaneil Muir Delivers Powerful New Single "The Pain" - Listen It - Urban  Islandz“It’s not about convincing,” he said. “When somebody a try convince dat mean dem a try lie. I’m not trying to lie, I’m here to speak the truth so my heart can be free so even if you don’t believe me that’s fine as long as me go mi bed tonight on the 31st of December mi know seh at least mi man up and tell her exactly how mi feel so if she believe it, she believe it. If she don’t believe it, that’s fine.”

Kranium then proposed that the two would be together years from now, with a beautiful family.

“I think you’re a beautiful girl, I think your full of vibes, me think me and you would hold a dope vibe,” he said. “Remember when me and yuh married and we have kids in the future mi a tell yuh you’re gonna look back on this day and seh, ‘I never knew this could have been real’…and me a go look pon yuh and tell yuh, ‘Babes mi did tell yuh enuh’.”

It seems there was no convincing Shaneil on the night, and she labeled Kranium’s words as mere lyrics and rum-talk.

“Mi nah do nuh lyrics, mi nah write nuh song… Everything mi a tell yuh is coming from mi soul,” Kranium shot back.

Muir expressed that she knew the blogs would have a field day with the story, something her associate World Dawg also reiterated. It seems one of the freshes faces in dancehall is finally washing her hands of the situation.

Source: Kranium Profess His Love For Shaneil Muir On IG Live – Urban Islandz

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