Macka Diamond Praying Out Evil Spirits That Consumed Dancehall To “Cleanse Dancehall”

Macka Diamond flagged on Instagram for this Topless Photo | yardhype.comMacka Diamond is praying out all evil spirits and contention that pervade the dancehall community, particularly among female entertainers.

The veteran performer, as well as dancer-cum-artiste TallUp, are currently fasting regarding this cause. The two hosted an online prayer session this morning to call on God to intervene in uniting local female artistes.

“It’s the whole fraternity, the man dem too, but especially going into prayer for the female section because it need cleansing, it need purifying, it need them to come together,” Macka said. “Sometimes some a dem nuh naturally a sweet, so we nah go beat dem down, it’s the influences and people around dem… so we a break dem chain deh inna di next seven days or 14 days… We a break this negative energy inna di female fraternity…that chain of destruction that has come upon woman.”

The entertainer said she is no prayer expert but testified to its power.

Video: Macka Diamond - Talk Up 4/13/2020“I prayed for this career,” she said. “I remember praying when mi young. I remember saying, ‘Fada God, I want to be a star’ and Him grant me it in the name of Jesus. I remember when mi get mi first number one song people a laugh after me and a seh, ‘she will never find another song’, and I remember I go home fi days and I seh, ‘Fada God if you give me one more song, mi pray to you’, and when mi look a next one come, it have to be God.”

Serious situation

The prayer meeting follows the recent saga between deejay Spice and spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith, where various claims were thrown around. In one episode, Smith claimed he slowed down the careers of Macka Diamond and other female acts to elevate Spice’s position in dancehall. Thereafter, Spice tweeted that it was a lie.

Though Macka has since said she believes the whole thing was a publicity stunt, it was clearly enough to inspire the online prayer session.

“We not even a go act like we nuh see waan gwaan,” Macka said. “We are going to ignore the people dem with the negative energy…this is a serious situation… What is into our heads is trying to save ourselves, save the female dem, help dem to grow and feel secure.”


TallUp expressed feeling uneasy as a young act in the business and said the recent fracas, which also threw her sister/dancer Danger into the mix, warrants a higher power.

She invited all prayer warriors to join the Live.

“People weh believe inna God and that there’s a higher superior can come een and seh a one and two word because this bigger than we, and it need God in every way because the whole dancehall waan fix, especially the woman part, something a gwaan inna it. We cannot deal with it and the only thing that can fight it is prayer.”

RT Boss Shares Political Aspirations, Sends Message To JLP - The TropixsSeveral dancehall figures have been publicly calling on God lately. Spice did so during an emotional Instagram Live where she defended her work ethic; Danger called on God in her recollection of an alleged rape experience; and former dancehall artiste Minister Marion Hall asked God to take her breath if she had ever done any malicious act to anyone in the business.

Source: Macka Diamond hosts prayer session to “cleanse dancehall” | Buzz

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