Konshens Says He Is Single

Konshens Talks Dancehall and More on Sway's Universe - Style & VibesFor those who were confused about the status of the relationship between Konshens and wife Latoya Wright, the deejay has provided clarity.

The Couple Up artiste said that he is single.

On Wednesday, Konshens shared a muted video, that had the word ‘single’ typed on it.

“Me good she good. WE good, Grow and learn. Almost a year… No more speculation,” he captioned the post that has since been deleted.

His comments follow a post from his wife in early November where she told her followers that she had been single for eight months.

Konshens also commented on the relationship last month.

During an Instagram Q&A session with his followers someone mentioned the marriage.

“Can you please fix whatever is broken between you an latts. I loved y’all together,” the person said.

Konshens responded: “REAL life no fairytales. Thanks for the love tho.”

But there was some confusion a few days later when he appeared on an episode of Magnum’s Spice It Up! hosted by dancehall act Spice. The show had been recorded some time before being aired.

Jamaican Dancehall Artist, Konshens Bares It All, Admits He “Fu!ked” Up His  Life. | EbuzzttWhen Spice asked if he was in a relationship, he stressed that he is a married man.

“Listen, I am married… Come outta people life,” he said.

The marriage between Konshens and Latoya had been rocky for some time, as they broke up in August last year. But in no time, they were back together, before calling it quits again in December.

The two tied the knot in November 2017, and they have a son together. Konshens has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

Source: No more speculation: Konshens says he is single | Buzz

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