Dexta Daps Celebrates 1 Million Followers

Dexta Daps to spend night in jailDexta Daps was down one Instagram follower after announcing he had reached the 1 million follower mark.

The Call me if Singer was in a jubilant mood after realizing he had reached the 1 million follower milestone. The mood was however dampened after an Instagram fan unfollowed the Entertainer leaving him with 999,999 followers.

The Entertainer’s fans sprang into action quickly highlighting the drop in numbers however, minutes later the Singers follower count went back to 1 million.

In celebrating the milestone, Dexta posted a photograph on his official Instagram with a caption expressing his gratitude to his fans for the achievement. in the photo the Artist was dressed in a grey suit with shades looking smooth as his songs suggest.

Dexta Daps Remanded Into Custody Pending April 20 Court Date – DancehallMagEarlier this month, Ding Dong announced that he had reached the 1 million follower milestone. The Dancing King posted a photograph of himself sitting on a speaker box. He captioned the photo ‘From the streets to a million, 1 million IG Followers’ thanks for the love and support, I appreciate it, respect and love… No controversy, no gun songs, or degrading…just fun and happiness.

Source: Dexta Daps celebrates 1 million followers – IrieFmIrieFm

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