Ishawna Turning Heads With Her Outfit And Her Statement How Relationship Works

Dancehall artiste Ishawna has made many controversial statements in the past, and her recent eye-popping post about relationships is no different.

Ishawna turned heads in the outfit that she posted on Monday.

It is almost the norm to see Ishawna in a somewhat provocative outfit, turning heads in the process. But it was the caption on her Instagram post on Monday that surely grabbed some attention.

“Relationships should be 50/50….I dress like a snack and he eats me! #TopDoll,” the Equal Rights deejay captioned her picture.

While acknowledging that Ishawna looks amazing, many people just could not overlook the very ‘festive’ caption.

“Relationships should be 50/50….I dress like a snack and he eats me!”

— Ishawna

“It’s the caption for me🔥 Gyal nice bad,” one social media user said.

“The best looking snack ina any man pantry,” another said.

Ishawna's 'Equal Rights' Gets Her In Some Onstage Trouble – DancehallMagOne person added: “These captions too wild…behave Ishawna!”

Controversial statements of this nature are quite the norm for Ishawna, who received backlash in 2017 for her Equal Rights song that promotes oral sex.

That same year, she also came under fire for making reference to cultural icon Louise Bennett-Coverley when she said she “nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou.”

Source: Here’s how Ishawna thinks a ‘50/50’ relationship should work | Buzz

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