D’Angel Reported Leaked OnlyFans Pics To Cyber Police

D'Angel Nude Photos Leaked From OnlyFans AGAIN, Files Police Report - Urban  IslandzJamaican Dancehall fans reacted angrily to news that singer D’Angel had made a report to the Cybercrimes Unit after photos, reportedly stolen from her OnlyFans account, had been leaked online over the weekend.

D’Angel had also alleged that her racy pics had been photoshopped to appear more suggestive in nature.

“I am going to leave the Cybercrimes Unit to handle that problem, I will continue to deal with my music,” D’Angel told the media.

The reaction was immediate, igniting a storm of criticism online.

“Stop waste police time with your naked pics, once something on the net it will spread like your legs, you can’t stop it,” one user ranted.

Another seemed almost incredulous that D’Angel would deny that the photos were authentic.

“Suh, wey she really a say? A nuh she dat inna de pictures dem, is har twin? A dat she a sey?”

Another user upbraided D’Angel, criticizing her decision to join OnlyFans platform.

Cease and Desist Warning Over Leaked OnlyFans Photos Issued By D'Angel's  Lawyer. – LIVEFAST JAMAICA“Online distance prostitution seem to be the trend ppl should respect themselves & their kids, it’s her prerogative however she should know putting porn online will never be private, when one does this I don’t think cybercrime unit time should be wasted on the matter.”

For her part, D’Angel is pushing ahead with her plan to release a new EP, Exposed.

“I will speak my truth through my music, sort of like an autobiography, my EP will be a tell-all EP called ‘Exposed’,” D’Angel said.

Producers such as Good Good Production and Black Sheep will feature heavily on her Exposed project.

“I have all the rhythms already, and my producers understand the vision and direction that I am going with ‘Exposed’ and I am confident in what the end product will sound like. Right now, ah studio mi ah go inna the day ya,” she said.

Source: D’Angel Angers Dancehall Fans Over Police Report Of Leaked OnlyFans Photos – DancehallMag

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