Shenseea And Jada Kingdom Are Friends Again, Started Following Each Other On Social Media

Jada Kingdom Take Shots At Shenseea Over Alleged Altercation ...Dancehall artistes Jada Kingdom and Shenseea seem to be friends again. The two that have been beefing for months via social media, have started following each other again on Instagram.

This reunion comes weeks after Jada had written a public message to Shenseea, expressing sympathy for the death of her mother.

@Shenseea, I just got the sad news that your mother passed away. Regardless of our differences we’ve had over the years, today I’m standing up to respectfully send my condolences to you and your family. Your mother was your backbone & beyond. I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through right now and I know there are no words that can really help at a time like this but you made her so proud and will continue to do so! I know you’ll find the right amount of strength to pull through this terrible phase one day at a time. prayers up! RIP Mama Shen,” the message said.

Shenseea And Jada Kingdom Trade Jabs Over 'The Sidechick Song ...The two were known to be friends in their younger years. It is unknown what started the rift between them, however Jada even went as far as releasing a “diss track” for Shenseea during November last year titled Shen-Heng. The artiste noted that it was Shenseea who first attacked her lyrically at the Redbull Culture Clash competition.

Social media users are ecstatic at the apparent friendship rekindling.

Source: Shenseea and Jada Kingdom make up – McKoysNews

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