Lisa Hyper Asks Dancehall Queen Spice To Bury The Hatchet After 12 Years Of Rivalry

Lisa Hyper apologises to Spice for "past disrespect" | BuzzAfter 12 years, Dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper is ready to bury the hatchet with rival, the Queen of Dancehall, Spice.

The disputed First Lady of GAZA’s olive branch to Spice follows Jada Kingdom’s declaration, three days ago, that she too would be ceasing all hostilities with other entertainers, including her rival, Shenseea.  Jada had also sent condolences to Shenseea after her mother passed away last week.

In an Instagram video today, Hyper said, “I want to say a big big sincere, humble apology to Grace “Spice” Hamilton for the past disrespect, and I want to move past this, and this is why I’m doing this. The past is the past, and you gotta have a past to have a future.”

In the caption of the post, she explained her reasoning, saying that the world has changed. “The world has changed recently and have forced me to look at life differently. I have realized that peace is much easier than war and that healing is important. I’ve made mistakes just like anyone else, but it’s what you do and learn from your mistakes that count,” she said.

It appears Lisa was unable to tag Spice’s verified account and so addressed the apology to a large fan account and the account of Spice’s Women Empowerment Foundation.

She continued, “Today I want to say I’m growing and healing. I still mess up, but I’m trying to fix things. Spice I’m sorry for the way I allowed the traditions of war in our music made me feel and treated you. You have done wonderful things for this business, females in the business and Jamaica. I want to let you know Im humbled and I appreciate you. I’m not sure how this will play out but from my heart I am sorry and I pray God intervenes where ever evil doers try to create anymore animosity.”

She ended the video with: “Mek we stop the foolishness and be the big role model and the star role model fi di fans dem,” she implored Spice.

The two first began feuding in 2009, after Lisa Hyper released a diss track for Spice following a Sting performance. Spice, not afraid of lyrical war, answered back with a track entitled Draw Me Out.


All of that animosity seems to be long forgotten, and she also extended an olive branch to other females in the industry.

“I’m just here to clear the air that I have no beef with no female entertainers, I appreciate all of you guys because all of you guys contribute to the dancehall music,” she said.

Her fans applauded the move as they commented under the video.

One fan said: “That my girl and that why I love you so much keep being you girl and let god do the rest,” and another echoed similar sentiments: “Your the best Lisa we love and appreciate you and your contribution to the music and culture.”

It may be a turning point for Hyper, who has been embroiled in the fight for the First Lady of Gaza title over the last few weeks with other ladies in Vybz Kartel’s life, including Jodi Couture, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson and Lisa Mercedez.

Hyper was recently featured on the Torch Dem Riddim alongside Candy Price for a new track called 21 BhadGyal and has an album, The Phoenix, expected for release this month.

It may be that she simply wants to start truly focusing on her career. Spice has not yet responded.

Source: Lisa Hyper Asks Dancehall Queen Spice To Bury The Hatchet After 12 Years Of Rivalry – DancehallMag

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