Dexta Daps Premieres His Visual Album Vent

Dancehall Singer Dexta Daps Gets Backlash For Casting White Actors ...Dexta Daps is doing what he does best on his upcoming album, Vent, tell stories of the ebbs and flows of relationships, and play the lead in the accompanying film series. The visual album is set for release this month, and Daps premiered the first episode of the Vent drama-series yesterday on his YouTube channel.

Dexta Daps will release his visual album, Vent, later this month

Titled Heartless, the episode unfolds with Daps at the altar with his bride-to-be, but the soundtrack is no love song. As he holds her hand and prepares to say his vows, Daps sings Leave Her Alone, a peppy song reflective on the angel he first met, who turned out to be an opportunist just with him for his fame. The singjay ends up calling it quits, dancing his way out the church and leaving his befuddled fiancée at the altar.

The second track used in the episode is the album’s title track. Vent takes viewers back to when Daps found out about his belle’s infidelity, thanks to home surveillance. The melancholy song delivers the emotional vocals that Daps has built his career on, and heartbroken lyrics as he lets out his resentment towards the relationship and his desire to move on.

Callowgrove Entertainment-Casting For Dexta Daps Music Video/Short ...The visual releases will continue throughout the month.

Daps took to Instagram to promote the project and share its inspiration.

“2020 has been a challenging year for us all…we all have our own ways of VENTING and today I will start to reveal mine through songs and visuals off my new album “VENT” which will be released later this July.”

Among his own trials this year was his arrest on April 8, where he was taken into police custody for questioning with regards to gang-related activity in the St Andrew South Police Division. The entertainer was detained at the Hunt’s Bay Police Station until his release on April 30.

Vent follows his 2017 album Intro, which featured chart-toppers Owner and F**K U Mean.

Source: Dexta Daps premieres episode for his visual album Vent | Buzz

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