Dalton Harris Builds Back His Relationship With His Mom

The turbulent relationship between Dalton Harris and his mother, Sylvia Campbell, played out before our eyes as Harris competed on and won the 2018 X Factor reality competition in the United Kingdom.

While competing, Harris had shared stories of childhood abuse, poverty, and being homeless at 15. However, Harris’ mother contradicted those stories, telling the media that her son had exaggerated.

This caused a rift between the two that they finally mended, and we witnessed the reunion on a recent episode on SimSoul Session on TVJ. Campbell told host Simone Clarke-Cooper that a part of her was missing when she wasn’t on speaking terms with her son.

Dalton Harris to sing with James Arthur“My dream was fi Dalton and I get together, because it was like something missing from me, we did have this bond.” She said when her son decided to check himself into rehab, she knew she had to be open to mending their relationship.

“It really hit me when him tell me say him a go a rehab because me a say, ‘den nuh mad people go a rehab?’ But I’m so happy now, we talk everyday. Him send me pictures. Anything him cook him send it,” she said.

Harris had revealed in an earlier episode of the show that he had gone into rehab in January of this year to heal from childhood trauma that haunted him in his adult life.

Fans of the singer were overjoyed at the news that he and his mom have mended their relationship.

“Thank God Dalton and his Mom has mend fences to God be the Glory great things he has done 🙏🙏🙏🙏,” one person commented.

“GOD is good i never once give up on this relationship. Mommy silva u r so beautiful and ur son his a great guy love him sooo much ,may God continue to bless and keep u both ,” another said.

Source: Dalton Harris mends relationship with mom | Buzz

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