Lisa Hyper Says Jodi Couture Is Not A Star But Has Potential

LISA HYPER W@RN JODI COUTURE ABOUT HAR B@DNESS & BREAKSDOWN IN ...GAZA member Lisa Hyper is back on the wire with more to say about American-based deejay Jodi Couture. Sounding a little less threatening, Hyper showed her fellow colleague some grace this time around however sounded quite condescending with what she had to say.

Let’s backtrack where the beef began; Hyper’s interview with DJ Lava Sound on his Instagram quarantine show Chat & Laugh a week ago had confused fans asking who held the title of the ‘First Lady of GAZA’ since Jodi Couture was portraying herself to be as such.

Getting quite nasty, Lisa answered “There can’t be two first lady, just pree it logically speaking … I am the, and one and only first lady no matter who come and go.” She continued with, “Nothing nuh Couture bout Jodi zeen, mi seh it already and mi a go seh it again…”

In what had become a public feud, Lisa again came on social media the following day referring to Couture as a cockroach talking a big game. She also implied that the GAZA leader Vybz Kartel had kicked Jodi out of the Empire, to further substantiate her claim that not only is Jodi far from ever being the ‘First Lady’ but never will.

Jodi responded in a heated expletive-laden rant, while she blasted Hyper for talking ill about her, she at no point argued with Lisa’s claims to the GAZA throne.

Lisa Hyper Says Jodi Couture Is Not A Star But Has Potential ...Now the Bride Of Chucky deejay, Lisa Hyper is talking out yet again, this time a little more tamed but tinged with demean. If anyone ever thought Jodi Couture was a bad and boujee deejay well think again. Lisa says she was an experimental assignment for Kartel and not chosen by talent. “My boss was using her to prove a point, say him can use somebody wah a nuh star and tun dem inna star,”

Although the Backshot deejay have voiced many tracks and seen much success as a dancehall artiste, Lisa says she still needs work. “Even though she maybe never write the song dem I think she delivered dem well. So she can grow, the more she voice, the more her voicing skills will get, the more she write, the more her writing skills will become better so she have potential.”

Lisa also ended her message saying she has no problems with Couture, “Me nah go hate her I’m not a hater,” she said. Let’s see how Jodi feels about this latest exposé from the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of GAZA” … will there be a response?

Source: Lisa Hyper Says Jodi Couture Is Not A Star But Has Potential – DancehallMag

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