Etana Wants Lovers To ‘Bubble’ During COVID-19

Reggae singer Etana has added to her roots reggae collection with the release of ‘Bubble’, a song she penned for lovers the world over who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Bubble’ was released on Friday, May 29 and will feature prominently on the upcoming ‘Gemini’ album, which is slated to hit the market on June 19.

In an interview with Loop News, Etana said she has been getting a positive vibe for ‘Bubble’ since the release. While she has not set any personal goals for the song, she’s hoping that her fans will ensure that it does well.

“I just put out the music and my fans just take it wherever they take it and that is usually far and wide. I create the music to the best of my ability and try to outdo what I have done before, production-wise,” Etana said.

Etana Responds To Backlash Over $5000 Check From Government To ...According to Etana, ‘Bubble’ will be one of 12 tracks on the ‘Gemini’ album, which will have a blend of different moods of rub-a-dub music. ‘Bubble is produced by TJ Records in collaboration with Freemind Music.

“‘Gemini’ will have something for everybody. It’s a lot of love songs on there as everybody is quarantined anyway, so I figure a lot of babies are going to come out of quarantine and this will encourage people to get together,” Etana said.

She said the album will have a song about depression and self-harm, as well as two social commentary ballads which, according to her, is in keeping with her history of doing enlightening songs for the family.

Etana Addresses Beef With Nikki Z Over Another Trump Fiasco ...“I try my best to do music that can be played around anyone, any day, across the board. I think it’s the better thing to do when you have the power of the mic so that a child doesn’t have to run and turn off the radio real quick, before mommy comes, or a father or mother can play it in the car and not be embarrassed in front of the kids,” she said.

This, according to Etana, who describes herself as being quiet and always seeking knowledge through reading, is vital for her, being the mother of a 19-year-old man and two girls, who are seven and three years old.

She said that the type of music she makes is also important for her because she’s a family-oriented person who spends a lot of time with her young daughters when not on tour.

Source: Etana wants lovers to ‘Bubble’ during COVID-19 | Loop News

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