Shenseea Debuts ‘The Sidechick Song’ With Official Music Video

Dancehall artist Shenseea has released a new single with an accompanying music video, titled ‘The Sidechick Song’.

Shenseea is no stranger to taboo and raunchy topics in her music, but this time, the female deejay is detailing what it’s like to be a man’s sidechick. “This a the original sidechick song/ me up inna me feelings fi a next gyal man/ me know if wrong, but it neva plan”, Shenseea sings on the chorus.

Shenseea in The Sidechick Song

In The Sidechick Song, she adopts a singing style rather than the hardcore deejay flow that fans are used to. Near the end of the song, Shenseea states her belief regarding cheating and relationships, singing that “A man is always gonna cheat cause it benefit him”.

Throughout her career, Shenseea has maintained that she is single, even recently revealing to her fans that she thinks she may be ready for a boyfriend; so many fans have been inquisitively enquiring if the song was inspired by personal experience.

Produced by Attomatic Records and Romeich Entertainment, the single has, however, received positive reviews from fans thus far. “This sounds good and me like the melody style it shaaaat” read one comment on Youtube, while another person wrote, “This bad and me nah ask a soul”.

Loading videoThe accompanying video is directed by RD Studios along with Shenseea, who is getting more involved with the production of her visuals. Her adorable son Rajerio also makes a cameo at the end of the video.

The official video for The Sidechick Song, released just a few hours ago, is already close 100,000 views on Youtube. With a growing international fanbase and loyal local fans, Shenseea is one of the few current dancehall acts that generate this type of buzz in a matter of a few hours.

Watch the stunning video below:

Source: Shenseea Debuts ‘The Sidechick Song’ With Official Music Video – DancehallMag

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