Alkaline Takes New Shots At Popcaan In New Song “Monopoly”

Alkaline opens up about his dominance of the streets in his new track, “Monopoly,” a track that saw him dissing Popcaan.

He uses unique phrases to paints the perfect image of how he governs the streets. The game of monopoly has many players, and the Vendetta boss explains how he handles a few of the other players. He speaks on the females he has to how he moves in ‘battle’ to one-ups his rivals. Alkaline’s fans have pegged “Monopoly” as a diss track aimed at everyone who has crossed him. This means the likes of Vybz Kartel and the members of the 6IXX camp may already be breaking down the song lyric by lyric. That assumption would not be too farfetched since the battle between MVP camp and the 6IXX/GAZA is always bubbling.

Whether it is a diss track or not, Alkaline finds very creative ways to incorporate the two general meanings of the word monopoly. “Can’t get weh from it send the killa dem go lost smaddy, Monopoly have the control of the streets,” he sings, dropping a neat game reference.

Those are not the only creative bombs that he offloads throughout the 3 minutes and 24 seconds of track that the True Loyal team has laid down. Another standout line punch is when he debunks what has inspired his rival to take on a life of crime, singing, “Watch Netflix one time and now him feel him a El Chapo.” That line appears to be a direct shot at Popcaan, who has a hit song called, “El Chapo.”

There are many layers to “Monopoly,” which will see the energy level of the track increasing, especially when you get to the third verse, as Alkaline increases the rate at which he fires his bars. It’s no surprise that the track is currently hugging the number one spot on the local Youtube Trending Charts.

Listen Alkaline’s newest lyrical powerhouse below.


Source: Alkaline Takes New Shots At Popcaan In New Song “Monopoly” – Urban Islandz

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