Yanique Curvy Diva Breaks Silence On Mother’s Death

Image result for Yanique Curvy Diva motherYanique Curvy Diva continues to mourn the death of her mother.

The media vixen-turned-recording artiste shared the devastating news earlier this week by posting an emotional worded photo titled “I’m Home.”

“This is exactly what she said ❤️ thank you Jesus for giving us a few more months of laughter, love and advice from her. It made it way easier to accept but it still hurt bad. #S.I.P,” Yanique said.

Image result for Yanique Curvy Diva mother“She was my biggest supporter 😏 I remember anytime I would get upset or argue with someone she would quietly start singing “maxfield mi come from dat a bad place” and everybody would start laughing 😊#imisshersomuch one advice she left me was to love God and live my life to the fullest because it’s better to have a short life filled with happiness and good memories than a long life filled with sadness and regrets,” she would continue.

In a follow-up post Yanique Curvy Diva wrote “Mi can hear mi Mommy cussing mi out saying I need to pull it together 🤦🏽‍♀️ her strength was immeasurable.”

“She was like mi ready fi guh home now Gramdma miss mi and mi long fi si her 😒 Your greatest peace is that you were able to see us pass the worst and able to start our family and provide for them comfortably. I remember what we spoke about before you pass and yes I’m sticking to it, no more procrastinating✋🏽 #promise whether in my career, relationship and having the next baby 😊 I love you mommy now and forever ❤️you’re my guardian angel 👼🏼 until we meet again. #s.i.p.”

Source: Yanique Curvy Diva Breaks Silence On Mother’s Death – The Tropixs

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