Ding Dong The Dancehall Dancing King And His Impact On The World

Image result for ding dong dancehallDing Ding has been an inspiration for many of the youth in Jamaica and other places, because of his hard work and humility. He is now a cultural ambassador for New York and he also received the Cultural Special Congressional Recognition certificate awardee. He started out with a dance move he called Syvah and the music to match and didn’t expect to be where he is now. He is very passionate about what he does and he got married recently.

Ding Dong whose real name is Kemar Christopher Dwaine Ottey spoke about his values, his love for his children and his plan to uplift the youth in an interview a long time ago and now it is clear that he is doing what he planned to do and the Ravers Clavers (a team of young dancers) are going places. They are all a part of the Romeich Entertainment team.

Ding Dong is an ambassador for Pepsi Cola, he remembers the days when he couldn’t afford to buy one to drink because his father who was the head of a gang, died when he was almost 3 years old. His death caused Ding Dong to grow up poor, but he stayed away from the gangster lifestyle, because he couldn’t remember his father but, he knows his tomb stone and knows that he had a name that is similar to his name, Aladin Ding Dong.

He didn’t want any of his children to visit a tomb stone and have trouble remembering him because of the gangster lifestyle. For him it is not worth it. Ding Dong Ravers said “the Ravers Clavers dancers were staying hungry and humble as they understand how fame can destroy persons if they allow it to change their mindset.

Image result for ding dong dancehall“It is hard to be doing clean music and stay relevant in the music business these days,” he said. When he looks at mothers and fathers with their children dancing to his music, while they do his dance moves with their children. He feels good about what he is doing and wonders how anyone could like what he does as he only likes having fun and enjoying music and parties.

He believes Jamaicans are a fun-loving people and he wants to keep on representing the good things about Jamaica. He used one of his favourite quotes in Pepsi Commercial recently “we can be anything we want ina life, a no weh yu come from a weh yu mindset de.” He also represents the Mackerel Company and the company that produces Magnum as well.

New dances and new music are ready to be released in the last part of the year and on the 4th of October will be his birthday party, there will be a birthday party for his mother coming up as well, one for Teejay in Trelawny. He encourages all the young people in the inner city to be patient and determined to reach their goals.

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