Dexta Daps Went Viral Again With Raunchy Video Of Mystery Woman On A Pool Table

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps’ recent post of himself grating on a female fan who was lying across a pool table has evoked mixed reactions from some members of his fan base, some exalting and cheering, several condemning.

In the video, Dexta Daps, who had blunt in his mouth, is seen grinding his pelvis on the woman’s rear end as he slaps and squeezes her buttocks, while she, in turn, jiggles on him and lolls her tongue. Other patrons laugh heartily, and another woman in the background cheers on the artiste, screeching ‘Gwaan Dexta, gwaan Dexta”. Another patron uses the pool stick to smack her three times on her bottom before she is released by Dexta.

Image result for DEXTa dapsWithin the first hour of Dexta posting the video, it racked up 36,000 views. Gleeful fans praised the artiste, with many women stating that they wished the artiste would come to perform the same acts on them. Others told him he had failed to learn his lesson from the recent incident in Guyana where he was videotaped in bed with a woman, who alleged that they had been intimate, an accusation he had vehemently denied, claiming the woman had sneaked into his bed while he was sleeping.

“Come like yah nah learn from Guyana bad man,” ssknovember said, while timmcgowan123 commented: “Then you tell lie after the f*ck,”

“This is why yuh ass keep getting in trouble lol,” lifeofabumblebee told the artiste. “You must be the freest married man out there,” thisworldeserverokks added.

But Natisat was scathing in her remarks to the Calabar High School old boy, claiming she had decided to unfollow the artiste as his behavior left a lot to be desired.

“I used to love ya music but everything about you is getting worst. This is not how you treat women and if a women decides to be treated that way it’s a problem and its f*cked up. And this is when I unfollow and hope you get back to making good music and maby start respecting people,” she said.

Another fan female fan expressed disappointment with the artiste’s conduct and rebuked him for what she said was his lack of respect for women. “Dexta Daps, I know you are a entertainer, but if you have women, these things you do are very very disrespectful. These women just don’t have any self-respect or morals in their character whatsoever,” she said.

Dexta Daps is known for his raunchy songs and videos, such as his 2017 hit Bring it to the Owner, which have been categorized by many as highly pornographic as it was laced with nudity and graphic sexual content.

Source: Dexta Daps Went Viral Again With Raunchy Video Of Mystery Woman On A Pool Table – Urban Islandz

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