Spice Explains Why Her Performance At Notting Hill Carnival Was Cut Short

Spice stepped forward to explain that a chaotic situation led to her short-lived performance at Notting Hill Carnival.

Queen of Dancehall, Spice, has really been on a roll as of late. She has been kicking up a storm internationally performing at almost every event in numerous countries all the way from Trinidad, Europe, Canada, and America. She was even the first dancehall artiste to perform in Gambia, West Africa. She also took part in the “Bumboc***t” festival in Belgium where she posted a video in which she pleads with Jamaican PM Andrew Holness To legalize ‘Bad Words’ in dancehall.

This incredible artiste has been showing out for Jamaica and is steadily gaining a large fan base as in evident in her 2.3 million Instagram followers, the highest for any Jamaican artiste. She is a top performer who never disappoints. Her latest highly anticipated event was the Notting Hill Carnival, but I’m sure she did not expect the enormous support she received. She posted a video on her Instagram page, showcasing her attempting to enter the venue. The video is sure to make you laugh, but it just goes to show the level of stardom she has reached.

In the video, Spice and her team struggle to enter the venue almost being trampled. She can be heard saying, “Bumboc***t, Bloodc***, weh TC weh rebel” repeatedly. Her dancers barely made it through, TC almost losing her wig in the process to which Spice shouted out, “yuh nearly dead, yuh nearly dead.”

Image result for spice dancehallAfter this, Spice’s performance was cut drastically short, and she explained why in the caption of the video. Spice stated, “Even tho I was mad laughing at this present moment simple because I really take bad things for Joke. Also this is before I realized that my performance would’ve been cut short. I’m still posting this video so my fans who’s complaining that I only performed for 10 minutes can see back stage happenings that I couldn’t even enter the venue . The place was blocked and I was stuck outside for 2 hours when we finally made it back stage my fans rushed and busted the venue back gate open. Authorities said the venue capacity was too full hence why you only saw me for 10 minutes I’m sooooo sorry #Nottinghillcarnival I’ll be back in the Uk soon @redbulluk We need to find a way to please my fans that came to see me (BY THE WAY IF YOU NOTICE MY ENTIRE TEAM GOT TRAMPLED and TC nearly dead.”

Spice has to be commended for her loyalty to her dancers, ensuring that they made it into the venue alongside her. Many fans showed their love and support in the comments as they appreciated what little time she performed as she risked her life in the process just to make it into the venue. A lot of her fans were grateful for the 10 minutes as they had traveled very far to see her. One commenter stated, “I was pushed over the fence with the help of some guys. Glad I got to see you perform for the few minutes.”

We hope capacity issues don’t prevent Spice from performing in the future, but this should be an eye-opener to all event promoters planning to book Spice. Next time round book the biggest venue you can find!

Source: Spice Explains Why Her Performance At Notting Hill Carnival Was Cut Short – Urban Islandz

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