Shaggy Is Winning The Mission To Win Over Everyone

Shaggy returns to Toronto Aug. 28 on a late-summer tour with pals Ali Campbell and Astro of UB40.If you haven’t changed your mind about Shaggy by now, you’re never going to change your mind about Shaggy.

Still, at 50, the Gulf War veteran responsible for such cartoonish pop-dancehall smashes as “Oh Carolina,” “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me” around the turn of the millennium has stuck around long enough to overcome most resisters.

His hits have proven themselves over time more of an amiably constant background presence than an affront to human decency, anyway, and Shaggy has contented himself for most of the years since that early-2000s run at the international pop charts with making music aimed primarily at reggae audiences rather than chasing world domination.

Shaggy seems content to make music that pleases Shaggy himself, first and foremost.

Image result for shaggy dancehallA case in point would be last year’s surprisingly successful 44/876 album, a not-nearly-as-awful-as-it-sounds collaboration with BFF Sting — yes, that Sting — that astonished even its two creators by selling more than a million copies worldwide, winning Best Reggae Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards and becoming an unlikely pivot back toward the mainstream for both of them.

Shaggy quips that he couldn’t “find a more credible person” to have given him belated credibility with listeners on the rock side of the spectrum who might previously have laughed him off. But it’s certainly not like he and Sting cooked up 44/876 with any kind of agenda beyond a shared laugh and a good excuse to hit the road together.

“It all was born out of that. You gotta understand we never set out to make a record together,” says Shaggy, born Orville Richard Burrell, from the New York studio where he’s producing a couple of tracks for Jamaican dancehall singer Spice.

“We had a friendship outside of music and, once we started going into music, we realized how much deeper that friendship was and how much fun we were having. So it was like, ‘F— it.’ We were gonna go against what everybody thought — including the record company because everybody there was convinced it wouldn’t do s—. But we did it because we liked it and because we have a genuine friendship.

Source: Shaggy is winning the mission to win over everyone | The Star

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