It’s Just Entertainment – Curvy Diva Says Her Performances Don’t Define Who She Is

Image result for Yanique 'Curvy Diva' BarrettYanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett says she remains undaunted by the sea of criticism that has come her way in light of her latest viral video.

In the video posted by the entertainer on her official Instagram page, the Curvy Diva is seen removing her underwear on stage during a recent performance.

The Lifestyle singer, who had been engaging in a juggling session at the event, was in the middle of playing Dexta Dap’s hit single No Underwear when she decided to follow the song’s instructions and remove the intimate item of clothing.

She places it on the consoles before proceeding to tell the audience that it wouldn’t be right to play the song while remaining in her ‘undies’.

The video quickly generated hundreds of comments, mostly disapproving, labelling the artiste’s actions as classless and distasteful.

In an interview with THE STAR, the Curvy Diva lashed back at her critics, calling them out for being close-minded.

She said her actions on stage were all in the name of entertainment and sought to remind naysayers that her artiste persona is far different from who she is in real life.

Image result for Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett“I don’t regret my actions because at the end of the day, it’s all in the name of entertainment. It was something we thought about, we planned. Dexta was not slated to perform and so my team and I said it was something we would do. I had on a next pair of underwear and I had on stockings as well so me taking off underwear was all part of it,” she said. “The song say ‘ she nah wear no underwear’ so it was all in the name of fun and entertainment. I don’t understand the blow-up but it’s fine, we expect it. Jamaicans sometimes are a bit close-minded and we’re fine.”

Although the Curvy Diva cares very little about people’s opinions of her, she says she has grown weary of critics constantly dragging her daughter into discussions involving her.

She says aiming at artiste’s children has become the easiest point of attack and it must stop.

Let it go man

“We see Shenseea inna bed with a female promoting her song and it’s ‘Oh my God, her son’, Spice say supmn ‘Skin out yuh p*mp*m and she skin out pan stage with her leg over her head and it’s ‘Oh my God, Spice pickney dem’; let it go man,” she said. “It’s not what you carry home, it’s not who you are, it’s a different thing. The brand Curvy Diva is raunchy and a bit risque but it’s not Yanique and my daughter knows better. The funniest thing is that I’m so grounded in how I raise my child and what I teach her that really and truly when someone comes to me and say ‘What yuh daughter think’, I’ll be like ‘No what does your daughter think because I talk to mine. I let her be prepared and know what is going to take place and what fun and entertainment is and that’s work.”

The Bunx Pan It singer says it’s full time people understand that dancehall is adult entertainment and that things done in the space will get raunchy.

“It (dancehall) is sexy and ‘vulgar’. Lady Saw was raunchy, Spice is raunchy and I don’t see myself doing anymore than them,” she said.

Source: It’s just entertainment – Curvy Diva says her performances don’t define who she is | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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