Spragga Benz Blast Men Who Take Child Support From Women, Dancehall Fans Reacts

Spragga Benz scorn all men who collect child support from their baby mamas.

Ace deejay Spragga Benz has been causing a commotion on Instagram after he posted a meme today, which disses fathers who claim child support money from their children’s mothers. The meme which had the words “Any man a collect child support checks from a woman a Sh#tpit… go kill unno self waste man”, evoked a myriad of counteractions and rebukes from the 50 year old artiste’s followers.

“You’re smoking too much European weed breddah! With all that’s going on in Yard and this is supposed to be serious post??” italrudeby1 told the “Hunting” artiste. His comment seemed to have struck a nerve as Spragga responded tersely: “don’t be rude or I will be as well, OK.”

An extensive post from viper514 triggered a lengthy discussion between himself, the former Camperdown High School student and other fans.

“What exactly is a real man, you can’t talk out the two sides of your mouth. On one side you guys say society downpress people. A father is taking care of his children with a low level job and the mother is working more money are you saying she shouldn’t help with the welfare of her children. When he is doing all the hustle you suggest, who takes care of the children. You argument is invalid because every situation should be judged on it’s own merits,” viper514 said.

“By your definition a woman could have the means and refuse to help with the welfare of her children and just be allowed to roam free. I believe a man must take care of his children and so should women. A more valid argument would be, you have to be forced by a court to take care of your children (male or female) then you are lacking in morals and basic decency,” he added.

Some women also objected to the Count Tree artiste’s position on the matter. “No Spragga if women can collect support and make a fuss men can too. Two people make a child. Two people must support. Some woman a waste parent too! Go both ways!” moniebritish said.

“That’s bias some women piss out the pickney dem dump pon the father and nuh tun notice, she Fi pay just like how men always paying,” kamalawright_miduntalk argued.

@spraggabenz3 I have a friend that collects child support from his child’s mother; not because he needs. It’s to let her understand that she cannot skip out on her child without accepting some type of responsibility. He set up a second bank account for his son with this money…. So I have to agree to disagree with this one,” msbbados told the deejay.

But it seems Spragga’s intention was just to spark discussion as took the time to engage fulsomely in the dialogue and responded to most of the comments, noting that it was just a ‘discussion board’.

Source: Spragga Benz Blast Men Who Take Child Support From Women, Dancehall Fans Reacts – Urban Islandz

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