Panty Throwing Could Become A Trend – Music Insiders React To Latest Dexta Daps Incident

Image result for dexta daps in concertDexta Daps’ popularity among female fans seems to have grown to extreme levels, as at least one fan took his hit ‘No Underwear’ literally.

In a viral video on social media, the artiste, while on stage in Antigua recently, had to pause his performance after an object flew across the stage, inches away from his face.

The deejay seemed a bit taken aback when the item was identified as female undergarment.

Although it is uncertain what happened next, the video was posted by Daps himself on his official Instagram page with a caption that suggested even he was surprised at the series of events.


Popular selector Tony Matterhorn says the practice of throwing undergarments could quickly become commonplace as female patrons become more liberated at Dexta’s shows.

Image result for dexta daps sumfest“When you’re a sex symbol, sometimes it come back come haunt yuh. Chu him go sing di ‘no panty’ song, da one panty deh now, a go make every weh him go, gyal a go just start fling baay drawers,” he said pointing out that the practice is not new. “Remember singers back in the day, man like Marvin Gaye, mount a drawers weh throw pan stage. Look pan Prince. Every show weh Prince used to go, the stage full wid drawers. Di mount a draws weh fling all when dem man deh wife deh a di show. When you sing certain songs, it open the door for a lot of things, thing yuh can’t control more while.”

Set some boundaries

Artiste-turned-producer Esco says although the situation may be one that is beyond the artiste’s control, he believes Dexta should find a way to set some boundaries before it’s too late.

“From a show standpoint, that was hot for the show, fans showing a different level of love and respect. But at the end of the day, I imagine he (Dexta) must have mixed feelings because a random woman just throw her panties on stage. There’s a danger to that because yuh nuh know wah inna da panty deh,” he said. “Ultimately, when male artistes a perform, women will react in all kinda ways. I don’t know if he wanted that kind of attention, so smartly, I think boundaries affi set. You may like it, but a nuh everything yuh like necessarily good fi yuh.”

Image result for dexta daps sumfestMatterhorn said it might be hard for Dexta to establish boundaries now that things like the ‘panty throwing’ incident has already begun to happen.

“Him a di sex symbol and most a dem woman yah love the f**kery too innu,” he said.

Popular selector Ikel Marvlus suggested that before Dexta does a show, he should ask the promoter for a big mesh to be installed in front of him.

“Me nuh think him wah panty a fly from the crowd inna him face every show, a just it dat. Him need a proper shield,” he said.

Aside from the mesh solution, Esco wants women to show a little more respect for the artiste and themselves.

“Is like woman nowadays nuh believe say some things fi be a likkle mysterious, everything just out deh. Come on girls, keep on yuh drawers, man. Save yuh panty fi yuh man inna yuh bedroom,” he said.

Source: Panty throwing could become a trend – Music insiders react to latest Dexta Daps incident | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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