Christian Community Reacts To Teejay New Song ‘Clean Like Jesus’

Uptop Boss Teejay’s new track ‘Clean Like Jesus’ is the latest Dancehall song on the Christian community’s radar.

Clean Like Jesus is produced by Teejay’s management team, Romeich Entertainment and featured on the new “Snap Riddim” along with Ding Dong Ravers, Konshens, Jahvillani, Jdon Heights, Moyann and Kemar Highcon.

While the Montego Bay-based deejay’s creative use of the concept of “Jesus” was surprisingly not offensive to many Dancehall fans and Reverend Merrick ‘Al’ Miller who gave his stamp of approval, however at least one Religious leader is having a serious issue.

Anglican priest Father Sean Major-Campbell says he is concerned about which Jesus Teejay is referring to on the new Dancehall banger.

“The Jesus of Christian theology is Jesus the Christ and contrary to what many people may realise, the name Jesus is a common name in some other contexts,” he told The Star. “While in Jamaica it would not be the thing for people to name their child Jesus. Certainly in the days of Jesus the Christ, there were many parents who named their son Jesus. Also, in a number of Latino contexts, there are people who name their sons Jesus.”

In recent time, other Dancehall entertainers such as Mavado with “Big Like Jesus” and Elephant Man’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” caused controversy in the Christian community. However Father Sean Major-Campbell said that deejays should not be singled out in the matter.

“On the American Evangelical scene, there is a lot that people would want to convey about the Jesus message that is inconsistent with a Christian understanding of Jesus the Christ. So it would be true to say that there are pastors and politicians who are doing the same thing, applying an interpretation of Jesus which may not be consistent with established theological understandings of Jesus the Christ,” he continued.

Source: Christian Community Reacts To Teejay New Song ‘Clean Like Jesus’ | The Tropixs

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