Beenie Man Mends Rocky Relationship With Daughter Desha Ravers

Beenie Man is working hard for a father of the year nomination.

The veteran Dancehall entertainer has mended his rocky relationship with daughter, Desha Ravers after years of family issues.

Earlier this week Beenie Man and Desha Ravers spent some quality time together as they went out for lunch.

Desha Ravers who publicly blasted Beenie Man and his longtime girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson last year, said in a recent interview that she is currently in a good place with her father as they have both come to accept the conflictive nature of each other’s personalities and just learned to deal with each other.

“Me and him have a different type a bond, even though we cyaa gree fi sh*t yuh zimi,” Desha explained.

Image result for beenie manAccording to the Ravers Clavers dancer, she believes they often clash as they are very similar in their personalities being they are both Virgos. She says just like her father she “doesn’t take bullsh*t” and often speaks her mind.

Desha, who is the eldest child of Beenie Man’s 11 children, says she is the most outspoken of the bunch and at times that may lead to her being viewed as the black sheep of the family.

However as for Krystal Tomlinson, the dancer revealed that nothing much has changed, as she still dislikes for her father’s significant other, but she has come to accept that he believes she is she is important in his life.

Source: Beenie Man Mends Rocky Relationship With Daughter Desha Ravers | The Tropixs

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