Shenseea Opens Up About Her Current Sickness

Shenseea shares some not so good news to her fans online about current issues with her voice, “hey guys a know a lot of ya’ll been hearing me complaining that i’ve been sick for quite some time now cause it seems to be forever in my book”.

Shenseea went on to state that “i haven’t been able to sing a song properly or anything… on my shows you can hear my voice leaving in the middle of my set” She explains going through this for a month and not taking it serious as similar feeling in the past usually goes away after 2 days. She started getting more suspicious about the issue after finding out she can’t even deejay which she explains is easier to do than singing.

She went to a Doctor and was diagnosed with a mile vocal cord trauma “yeah some serious shit a gwaan” she states. She was told to stop from performing right away, no loud talking no shouting nor singing. Shenseea was advised to take medication and rest for two weeks.

In a live video chat the LOODI artiste explains that the doc told her that if she don’t stop singing asap her condition will get worse and possible ending her musical career.

The outspoken beauty also talks about cancelling upcoming shows in london and Birmingham, she went on to express sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this situation may cause. The ROMEICHENTERTAINMENT signed artiste in closing asks her fans to pray for her because the situation is serious even though she was taking it light at first.

Shenseea looks to return to her normal music duties after 2 weeks time from now.

Dancehall Princess
Shenseea has been working hard in the music business recently the young dancehall entertainer has been getting thousands of followers every day as she connects with her fans.

The Artiste has been touring a lot, she is the number 2 female artiste in the business and she is saying she doesn’t know what is causing the huge support that she is getting.

However, she says even when her songs don’t hit, she still does well and gets a good response to her music from the fans.

She separates her public life from her private life, she doesn’t respond to criticism on Social Media much, even though she responds to her fans, so they know that she understands that we are all humans and this causes her to be at ease whenever she performs on stage.

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