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Nohard “Noah Powa” Grant has big career plans as he completes his transition from selector to dancehall deejay. He recently collaborated with Shaggy on the song Money Up which will be featured on Shaggy’s album Wah Gwaan?!, set to be released May 10.

Noah Powa is hopeful for a 2020 Grammy from the single.

“Hopefully, I can be a Grammy Award winner for that collaboration next year,” he said. “If the album wins next year’s Grammy, then some of Shaggy fans will hopefully become Noah Powa fans as well,” he told the Jamaica Observer, adding that the collaboration has already given a boost to his career.

Image result for Noah Powa feat shaggy“Shaggy on the 2019 Grammy red carpet mentioned our ‘collab’ to a few million viewers who I’m sure didn’t know Noah Powa before. Shaggy is the only diamond-selling reggae artiste and two-time Grammy Award winner, in addition to that. That feature and co-sign from Shaggy is priceless,” Noah Powa expressed.

He said they have more work in the pipeline, but did not divulge details.

The 36-year-old has been in the business from age 14, starting out as an emcee and selector.

“I just wanted to be a selector, so I started going around some little ‘sounds’ in my community, and the rest is history,” said Noah Powa.

He worked with Natural Vibe and Sound Troopa sound systems before launching his solo selector career.

Inspired by veterans such as Bounty Killer, Buju Banton and Shaggy, he has morphed into a deejay. Noah Powa hopes to connect to his audience through songs about real-life experiences.

Image result for Noah Powa“I’m bringing diversity and relatable songs. I’ve been singing songs about my own life and struggles and people have been relating to it, so I intend to continue on the same path,” he said.

“People are now just catching on to the songs and the fan base is growing more rapidly for the artistry. If you research there’s a catalogue of songs you probably never heard. I’ve had songs that were big in New York, where I’m based, and the Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). My records have been played on mainstream radio and I’ve done remixes, one of which was Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, which was featured by MTV and VH1 websites amongst others and Ed Sheeran himself co-signed it,” Noah Powa continued.

Some of his early songs include Dem Nuh Like We featuring ZJ Liquid, Keep The Same Energy, Feel It, Nuh Side Nan, and Oh Ye.

Noah Powa was born in Jamaica and attended Swallowfield All-Age School and Meadowbrook High School. He migrated to Brooklyn, New York, in 1999.

Still connected to his roots, he weighs in on what should be done to celebrate reggae’s 50th anniversary this year.

“I think reggae music is the number one product being created in Jamaica and exported overseas. The Government of Jamaica doesn’t have one reggae show that they’re responsible for entirely. The milestone of reggae turning 50 would be a good start,” he said.

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