Dancehall Insiders Share Why Alkaline Dissed Popcaan Again

Dancehall entertainer Alkaline reignited his longtime beef with Popcaan over the weekend and now we are being told why.

On Saturday, the Vendetta deejay took to his Instagram story to upload a video highlighting his gritty “Microwave” 2017 diss track aimed at the “Stay Dog” deejay.

“Never forget! Behave unu self you hear?,” Alkaline said while laughing. He also wrote “DeadDemDead” over the video.

According to Dancehall insiders Alkaline got upset over Popcaan new track “Sicario” produced by Notnice Records and Unruly Entertainment.

“Pu**y me friend them a jungle a murderer / And if yo diss Seaview yo wi dead / Cut off pumpy chop off one third a yuh / Pu**y dem dead all if dem a beg / Bwoy dem know say we name evil / El Chapo evil no blood***,” Popcaan deejays over the beat.

We are also told that Alkaline could be dropping a new Popcaan diss track this month after he was spotted in studio with his close friend and longtime producer Jahvy Ambassador, “Everything ago mek sense soon🎭 #YoJahvy ⏰🤐 #newtorch🔥 @manhimselff,” Jahvy captioned a photo of the two.

Stream Popcaan’s new song “Sicario” below.

Source: Dancehall Insiders Share Why Alkaline Dissed Popcaan Again | The Tropixs

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