Reggae Fans Most Open To New Experiences, Survey Finds

Reggae music fans are far more likely to enjoy new experiences compared to fans of heavy metal or soul, a new survey has revealed.

The survey looked at how childhood music listening habits affected whether people were more open to trying new food, sports, fashions and books later in life.

The research revealed that while a quarter of respondents who were regularly exposed to reggae music as children were open to new experiences, only four per cent of adults who listened to heavy metal or soul felt the same.

Music psychologist Professor Catherine Loveday said:   “Music is a very fundamental way for parents to connect with their children so it is not surprising that musical tastes get passed on.

‘’But it is interesting to think that listening habits might also nurture open-mindedness and flexibility, as well as a yearning for live music.

“We have known for a while that exposing young children to lots of new foods will help them to develop a more adventurous palate and it looks like the same thing might be true of music”.


People who attended gigs as children were more likely to enjoy live music later in life. 

The study also found the age at which people experience their first live gig also has a big impact on their attitudes to new activities.

Children who went to their first gig aged between four and six years old are much more open to trying new things now (33 per cent) than those who attended a musical festival or concert over the age of 22 (nine per cent).

Four in five of those who enjoyed attending gigs before the age of seven wished they could attend live music performances at least once a month as adults.

Conversely only a third of those who waited until they were over 22 are keen to regularly attend live music events.

Nina Bibby of O2, which commissioned the research, said: “Music connects us on an emotional level so it’s perhaps no surprise to see that the music we listen to growing up shapes our approach and attitude to other aspects of our life.

“There’s nothing quite like live music to make you feel alive and we want to encourage people to seize the moment and breathe it all in. ‘’

Source: Reggae fans most open to new experiences, survey finds | talkRADIO

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