D’Angel Spills Tea About Spice As Beef Continues

D’Angel and Spice’s ongoing beef is far from over.

The female Dancehall entertainers reignited their beef earlier this week after D’Angel seemingly took jabs at Spice on Instagram when she uploaded a video and spoke about her good body and refusing to do surgery.

“When Yuh Know You Body Good And Yuh Refuse Fi Mek Surgery Knife Kill Yuh! Juss Buss Di Round Di World Whine #mindyuhbusiness,” D’Angel wrote.

Spice later responded saying, “How yah model say yuh body good and yuh can’t keep no man, yuh f**k the 2 don and still no keep one,” the “Cool It” singer wrote. “A wah do f**ky f**ky demon” 😂🤣😂. Yah worry bou mi do body well like how mi a get back fat, mean while mi a do mi lipo yuh betta come do yuh pussy and low mi 😪. ”

Spice also revealed that she would be dropping a D’Angel diss track in the next few years, “#NewSong a drop 2029 wait on the hype,” she added.

D’Angel then responded within a few hours and spilled some tea, suggesting that Spice is into women, “BLAH BLAH BLAH! Yuh Can Know When Sum Gyal Luv Fi Lick Out A Next Gyalll Crotches Cuz All Dem Do A Worry Bout Weh Go In And Out A Next Gyal Crotches,” she wrote.

“Mi Angie Nuh Rub Crotches! F@#king Under Cover Sadomite Cum Out Cum Tell Di Worl That Yuh Kiss Girls And You Likesss It.. Mi Love When Di Gay People Dem Come Out LOUD AND PROUD Unlike Yuh…. While Yuh At It Getting Yuh Liposuction
Doh Figget Fi Mek Dem Suck Out Yuh Front Weh BIGGG Like Pickney Pampers Weh Nuh Change Fi Dayzzz… Hey Gyal A Who Yuh? If Yuh Think Mi A Weak Fence Den Put Up Defense Cut And Clear Every Demons Weh Rise Against #brite #outaorder None A Dem Two Top Man Deh Neva Leff Mi.. Any Leffings A Gwan A Mi Dweet! Get Yuh Facts Together Ole Bull Buck And Mi Dun Chat!.”

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Source: D’Angel Spills Tea About Spice As Beef Continues | The Tropixs

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