Spice Shows Off New Boyfriend Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

Image result for spice dancehallSpice has a new love interest in her life.

The Dancehall entertainer/Reality TV star uploaded an image of a mystery man to her Instagram profile on Friday, with a cryptic caption.

“Mine,” Spice wrote under the photo which shows a shirtless male with his face strategically cropped.

Spice’s photo comes a day after she teased her upcoming single “Mine Mine Mine” slated to be released on Valentine’s Day, “Tired of living in secret i’m in the mood to post him today,” she wrote on Thursday.

Last month the “Romantic Mood” singer, real name Grace Hamilton, revealed that she was single because refuses to put a man before her career, “It’s hard for me to be in a relationship,” she said.

“Even if I start dating, sometimes you may find that the man starts to complain about my time or lack of time … . Anyone I talk to would have to be so understanding of what my career requires. He would have to be making more money than me; once I am talking to a man with less money, he automatically becomes egotistical,” Spice added.

View Spice’s post below.

Source: Spice Shows Off New Boyfriend Ahead of Valentine’s Day | The Tropixs

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