Spice Featured In Paper Magazine As “Dancehall Legend Combating Colourism”

Spice was featured in New York City-based independent magazine, PAPER last week.

Dancehall entertainer’s spread focused on her “Black Hypocrisy” track which tackles colourism and skin bleaching.

“Dancehall Legend Spice Is Combating Colorism,” was the title of the February 13 feature written by Camille Coklow.

Last year Spice shocked fans and made headlines across the world when she returned to Instagram with a much ‘lighter’ skin tone.

Speaking with Paper Magazine, Spice explained that she had used makeup to temporarily transform herself because she wanted to address and create an emotional discourse around the pervasive problem of colorism in the Black community.

“When I posted my picture with a Eurocentric standard of beauty, I was trying to prove a point. They make you feel like you have to look that way to be called beautiful or to be considered a pretty girl,” Spice said.

Spice’s feature also included a photoshoot with Micaiah Carter. Her look was inspired by vintage Afro-Caribbean portraiture.

Source: Spice Featured In Paper Magazine As “Dancehall Legend Combating Colourism” | The Tropixs

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