Kim Kelly Sings To Empower Women

Image result for Kim Kelly  dancehallWith the recent incidents of violence against women in Jamaica, reggae/dancehall artiste Kim Kelly has decided to join a performance-driven movement to empower women.

The performances will take place at several venues over the Caribbean, with Kelly’s first appearance being in Guyana.

“Music is a powerful tool and if used correctly, the results can be mind-blowing. I am excited that the organisers decided to add me to this movement, not only because I will get to share my music with another fan base outside of Canada and Jamaica, but it is a duty of mine as a woman to make my voice heard, since this issue has plagued us from as long as time has existed. There will be other female artistes on the line-up from Toronto, and we are all buzzing with anticipation,” Kim Kelly said.

Image result for Kim Kelly  dancehallThe artiste also revealed that she has endured negative experiences in the music industry due to her gender, therefore she is empathic to every woman facing similar challenges.

“I have also learnt at first hand of the struggle women face in their quest for equality and to be seen as more than just objects of pleasure. We are spiritual beings and the hub of creation. So if we want to have a better future, we have to make sure that women are fully taken care off,” she said.

Kim Kelly is also promoting a new record, Secret Love, produced by Papi Don Muziq. Her dancehall project Proper Fix has also been receiving regular rotation on radio stations globally.

Source: Kim Kelly sings to empower women | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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